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Wednesday 3 July 2019

Hearing Tests in Fond du Lac
Rural Audiology Services

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Audiologic Evaluatione

Hearing Tests in Fond du Lac

At Rural Audiology Services, an initial visit to your audiologist begins with a case history in which your medical and hearing history is reviewed. Next, your ears are examined through otoscopy and then a series of tests are performed. These tests determine if there is a hearing loss, the degree or severity of the hearing loss, the configuration of the loss and the best treatment options. Referrals to other professionals are made if necessary.

Acoustic Imittance Testing

(Including tympanometry acoustic reflexes and reflex decay)
This series of testing helps us better determine the cause of the hearing loss and the need to refer to other specialists such as Otolaryngologists (ENT) or Neurologists.

Verification with Real Ear Measures

Real Ear Measures assess the sound present in the ear canal with or without a hearing aid. It is the best tool available to determine if a hearing aid is fit appropriately to a patient's hearing loss.

  Hearing Tests in Fond du Lac