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Friday 28 August 2020

Customized Hearing Protection In Wausau
Rural Audiology Services

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Customized Hearing Protection

Customized Hearing Protection In Wausau

Did you know that about 30% of all hearing losses can be prevented? At RAS, we strive to not only educate our patients on the causes of hearing loss, but to help them prevent hearing loss. Hearing protection plays a critical role in this role in this. We can take impressions of the ear to make custom fit, comfortable hearing protection.

We have worked with different companies to help our patients with custom hearing protection.

  • Westone offers a large variety of musician's monitors and hearing protection.
  • Starkey has hearing protection for hunters and construction workers.
  • Etymotic offers hearing protection for band members and band directors.
  Customized Hearing Protection In Wausau