What We Do at Rural Audiology

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At Rural Audiology Services, an initial visit to your audiologist begins with a case history in which your medical and hearing history is reviewed. Next, your ears are examined through otoscopy and then a series of tests are performed. These tests determine if there is a hearing loss, the degree or severity of the hearing loss, the configuration of the loss and the best treatment options. Referrals to other professionals are made if necessary.


Relationships / Insurance

RAS works with many insurance companies including Medicare and Wisconsin Medicaid to make the process of having your hearing tested and obtaining a hearing aid easier.

RAS has a good working relationship with UW Stevens Point, School of Communicative Disorders and frequently supervises Audiology Doctorate students during their studies.

We will service nearly any brand, however we primarily work with the following leading manufacturers:

Customized Hearing Protection

We have worked with different companies to help our patients with custom hearing protection.

  • Westone offers a large variety of musician's monitors and hearing protection.
  • Starkey has hearing protection for hunters and construction workers.
  • Etymotic offers hearing protection for band members and band directors.